What’s Your Next Level Look Like?

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These last few days have been powerful! I had the chance to lead about 80 women in five days of prayer starting with thankfulness and ending with creating a signature prayer. (Click here to sign up for the next 5 Day Prayer Challenge.)
As I finished my 5 Day Prayer challenge, the major thing that has been on my mind is identifying what the “next level” looks like for me and coming up with the “how” behind getting there. 
Maybe others would call this the next season of life, or moving on or upleveling. Whatever any of us want to call it, I can only imagine that this is the question that many of the women I got to lead are asking themselves right now. What now?
For me, I realized after going through the process there are some things in my life that need to be fixed. (Yes, even at this stage in my life there is still work to be done.)
As I’m entering the next level in my life I’ve found there is resistance around one thing in particular that I have wanted for a while now: I want to travel all over the world with my family. But in order to do that I need help.
While I am married, my hubby is active duty military so that means I can’t always depend on him to lend a helping hand from day to day. So I want a nanny.
This is nothing new for me. I’ve dreamed of having a nanny to help me in raising my kids and helping me maintain the lifestyle and atmosphere I want in my home for years now.
However, whenever it comes time to take action to getting a nanny, I shrink back. I spent this week asking myself why that  keeps happening? After all, this is something I want and something God has never once told me I couldn’t have. So why am I not moving forward with it?
My first thought was that my resistance was financial. I kept telling myself that nannies are too expensive. I kept wondering how much will this cost me and for how long?
But I know money is not the real problem. Money can come and go. If I want something bad enough I will always make a way.
If there is a new car, Coach bag or medical emergency, I will make a way to gain the money I need. I have a growing successful location independent business that is backed by God. So no money can’t be the issue.
So during the prayer challenge, for the first time since deciding that I wanted a nanny, I began to dig deeper so that I could I get to the root of the real reasons and I realized that the real problem was negative self talk:
  1. Who do you think you are? Only rich and famous people have nannies not regular people like you. Who do you think you are to want a nanny?
  2. What black folks you know have a nanny? Black people don’t have nannies!
  3. What kind of mother are you? You must be lazy. You can’t even raise your own child? You need a nanny to do it for you?
None of these things are TRUE! But these thoughts highlighted the real problems we all face that stop us from going after the things we want. The real problem could be ourselves.
Maybe your thing is not a nanny. That’s just an example. Maybe what you want is to start a business, or to lose weight, or to get out there and start dating so you can find your husband, or to go to church more. 
Whatever the goal, this is the main reason why we don’t move forward with the things we want, the things God said we could have. We do this to ourselves and sometimes we need the support of others to help us get over ourselves so we can get to our next level and make progress on our goals. Sometimes we need support to help grow our faith.
When you are moving to the next level in your life, it’s not always easy and it can be really scary. However if you really take a good look at the negative self talk, the reality is they are all LIES.
For me, the truth is:
  1. Rich and famous people are not the only ones who have nannies.
  2. Nannies are not exclusively for white people. I’m sure black families have nannies too! (But REALLY that has nothing to do with me. It doesn’t matter what other people have. I am not in a competition. This is what I’m deciding is best for me and my family.)
  3. I am not a lazy parent and I am admitting that I do need help. Nothing is wrong with me. When I did seek help and support in other areas I was weak, I flourished and prospered so much faster than me trying to do it all on my own.
The reality is these LIES are insignificant compared to the promise of God and the dream what can come if I get the help of a nanny.
So as you take your next steps in moving into your next level I encourage you to really take a moment and ask yourself: What is it that is REALLY stopping me? Would I rather hold on to my dream or would I rather hold on to my fear?
In the comments, tell me: what does your next level look like? What are the things that are causing you to shrink back? 
Be Blessed, Be Encouraged
Kim Davis
For The One

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  1. Excellent blog and you are right about nannies – help is help! And we ask for it without apology as it adds to their experience and they get attention and hopefully are able to get loved on by another person who adds value to their world. Great questions and CONGRATS on a successful challenge!