What’s stopping you from taking off?

What's stopping you from taking off?






I’m sitting on the tarmac because my plane had an issue with one of the doors in the cabin. They had to turn the plane around to go back to the gate however the pilot couldn’t see the ground to turn safely so they had to get someone on the ground to direct them. When the ground person arrived they discovered something was still attached to the plane that needed to be removed.

Had we taken off the attached article could have damaged the fuel cell lodge, caused an engine fire… Well you see what I’m going here. That could have ended badly for me and all on the plane but God said no. He intervened; He is not done with us yet and still has more for us. Our lives would not end here.

The key is the pilot asked for help. Help with what was not working inside the cabin. Help with not being able to see the ground clearly. He knew his limitations. He could not do these things on his own. He needed help and he asked for it.

So what’s holding you back from taking off?  Have you called for help?

You may have something attached to you that you need to be removed and the key is to find help.

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Drop the dead weight. It’s time for you to fly.

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged

Kim Davis

For The One