Watch Out For The Big Girls!

Living Big

A coworker once told me a story of how she finished her first 5k.

After the first mile she felt like her legs were going to fall off. She was going to quit until she noticed two “Big Girls” who were in front of her who were NOT slowing down. That motivated her to keep on going.

She thought, If they can do it then she could too.

Well, they did it. They finished the race and she did too!

However, the “Big Girls” never knew her, never knew they were her motivation, never knew they were her source of hope for that moment, never knew they were setting an example for her.

That’s why it’s important to live Big by being the “best” version of yourself.

You never know who will be motivated, inspired or encouraged just by you being the “best of you”.

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged


Kim Davis