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I’m Kim Davis and I am for the one. The ONE true God and the ONE out there who wants to grow in Him. Thank you for your interest in working with me and more so, thank you for trusting that God is the way to the life you dream of living. My calling is to be a teacher and a support system for those who love God. Everything I do is tailored for you to make sure you get the most of out the time we spend together — whether we work together for months or if we just meet for an afternoon and you hear me speak. This is how you can work with me further:

One-on-one Coaching:

This is for God-centered women who simply feel stuck. You know what God has put you here to change in the world. But you just don’t know the step-by-step process to get there. For 90 days you get to work one-on-one with me by your side. I’m here to bring clarity, focus and support and truly walk alongside you as you pull yourself out of the trenches and into the life God wants you to live. 
The one major thing that stands in the way when we desperately want drastic, life-altering and lasting change: Fear — Our own and that of the people who love us.
I am here to be a witness for the incredible power of what God can do for you. I am here to be with you in the Wilderness and in the Promise Land. I am here to teach you, to answer questions about God, to worship with you, to get vulnerable and cry with you. Then, once we make it to the other side, I’m here to stand tall and rejoice with you, too!
In 90 days, I help women like you build better habits, plug into their relationship with God and grow their spiritual practice, overcome procrastination and FINALLY start accomplishing the goals you have been working to reach for longer than you can count. And we do all this with God at the forefront.
Happiness. Confidence. Peace. Joy. Freedom. Blessing. More than you believe is possible. That’s what you get from God.
Fired up and ready to start your 90 days? Click here to schedule a free 45min consultation to chat with me and learn more about what you can expect for the first 90 days of the rest of your life.
Hear what others are saying:
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Hire me to speak:
There are things that we go through in life that when we are in it, we don’t understand. We want to go to God, but we feel like God has forsaken us. We scream. We cry. We fight. We feel like we’ve lost everything. But then, if we come back to God, if we take our burdens to his feet, we start to heal. I am healed through God and now I share my story to help heal others .
Speaking Topics:
How to love yourself again when you can only find reasons to hate yourself
Shortly after losing my son in a miscarriage, admitting to an affair and learning of my husband’s affair and fighting my way back from the brink of alcoholism and considering suicide, I was at the lowest point in my life. My list of reasons to love myself was short and my list of reasons to hate myself and resent my life was miles long. At the time, I was also the heaviest I have ever been and because I didn’t know what else to do about any of my other problems, I decided to just try to get healthy. But I struggled. Even something as small as buying clothes to wear to the gym sent me into a spiral of self-hatred and negative self talk. But with the help of God, I learned to take the baby steps back into loving myself. As I speak on my journey, it’s clear that were it not for God loving me when I couldn’t love myself, I probably would not be here now. Read this blog post to get more about this story.
What happens when you’re afraid but you trust God anyway?
As I have grown in God, I learned to trust him — even in moments of fear and uncertainty. That was put to the test last year when I was hospitalized and had to spend several days on the same floor as the Intensive Care Unit. I was terrified. I didn’t know what would happen. But I knew how to pray and I knew how to talk to God and trust in Him. Although I went to the hospital in bad shape, I left supernaturally healed and I wasn’t the only one! The day I left the hospital many people on my floor including, every single patient in the ICU was also released. I was in awe of the God we serve. But at the same time, I was not at all surprised because I know what he’s capable of doing when you trust him, follow his instruction, then stand back and let him work. This message of encouragement is meant to inspire the people of God to truly trust him but may be afraid to be bold and revel in his greatness.
Email me at or call me at (757) 377-5058 if you’d like to hire me to speak.


Be Blessed, Be Encouraged

Kim Davis

For The ONE