The Benefit of Community

Two Happy Black Women
Left to right: Me with my mentor Rosetta Thurman

Today I’m attending an event held in Washington D.C. by Happy Black Woman founder, Rosetta Thurman. I’m here to develop my craft as I strive to pursue excellence in producing quality content.

I’ve found it’s important to be the best version of “you” in order to serve others better. For me, that is not only developing spiritually but also personally and professionally.

When you have a vision, dream or goal you must make a decision to participate in bringing it into reality. You can decide to work for it or against it.

As a child of God, it’s our responsibility to focus on understanding God’s Word. His Word for us is to live a life for Him, to Him & with Him. It’s our responsibility to not allow fear or worry to distract us from Him. It’s our responsibility to not allow peer pressures or status quo to cause us to turn away from who He’s called us to be.  No one else can do that for us. We have to decide.

What do you decide?  (Leave me a comment below)

Life support

God didn’t create us to go it alone. We are supposed to be the “body”of Christ. The body has many different elements to it that help support life.

Have you ever heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”? But does that also hold true to the children of God? I think so.

It’s helpful to surround yourself with like minded people to help cultivate what God has planted in you. The seed is there and God is in charge of causing it to grow [1 Corinthians 3:7] but it is our responsibility to cultivate our “soil”. [Matthew 13:3-23] Soil surrounds the seed. What type of soil are you surrounding yourself with?


Kim Davis