Thanks Again

This month marks a holiday season full of giving and receiving gifts. When receiving a gift you usually say “Thank you.” Well, have you ever given someone a gift and it affected them so much that they not only thanked you but thanked you again? “Thanks again.”

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, when I decided to pray one big prayer to cover everything, I did not stop praying. I didn’t say ok I’m good for the rest of my life, now I can forget about this prayer and move on. Why?

Because I am literally forever grateful to God. I am thankful for the gift of His Son (Jesus) so that I may have eternal life in heaven with Him. I am thankful for His forgiveness and over abundant love for me. I am thankful for Him saving my life, my marriage, my kids, and the list goes on. 

I don’t plan to stop thanking Him. When I reach heaven I plan to continue praising and thanking Him because He is deserving and worthy of all praise.

Does the praises stop in heaven? NO (Psalm 98:5, Rev 5:13)

So now when I pray I say:

“God you are my provision, thank you again for for this meal. Thank you again for blessing it that it will nourish me an not make me sick, in Jesus name, Amen.”

I say thanks again Lord for delivering me from my past. Thanks again Lord for working in my present. Thanks again Lord for the promises you hold for my future. 

Thanks again.

Kim Davis

For the One