Getting Confirmation from God

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“One of the most challenging hurdles to overcome when we start going after the big goals in our lives is knowing if this is REALLY what God wants for you or if another source is fueling our desires. I made this training to help you determine just that. Inside, I share with you what I ask myself before I begin every new project to assess my own motives and know for sure that my intentions are pure and that my next move gets God’s approval.”

– Kim Davis

In this training, Kim Davis shares the sucessful techniques she’s learned firsthand as she battled her way back from a miscarriage, considering suicide and nearly divorcing her husband of 10 years.

If God can help bring her from that turmoil to the abundant joy that she has now — a happy marriage, two beautiful daughters, endless self confidence, spiritual strength, crazy faith, a successful business, confirmation from God, and a life filled with inner peace, purpose , properity and clarity — just imagine what God can do for you.


No matter how tough things may seem, it’s true: No problem is a match for the grace of God. Asking God for help is the easy part. But how will you know what to do if you don’t know his voice? Find out what behaviors might be blocking your blessing.


We all have them — those goals that are so big we are afraid to admit we want them. Well honey, when you learn how to talk to God and realize He is on your side ordering your steps, you can move forward with soul-shaking courage and live the life of your dreams!


Do you truely know God? Or do you simply know of God? There is a difference. And for many of us, that is the difference between living your purpose and just existing. This training focuses on how starting with a personal relationship with God puts you on the path of abundance.

For a one time investment of only $39.99 you will receive:

A Video Training explaining the process step by step along with 2 additional bonuses

BONUS#1– An easy to use printable guide will walk you through the process of Getting Confirmation From God.

BONUS#2– Because she wants you to get the most value our of this training you will receive the opportunity to schedule a 45 minute VIP Session with Kim for FREE. This is usually a $97 value but it’s free with this training. This VIP Session provides additional depth and insight to how you can specifically apply this teaching to your particular situation.

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