Stand in Faith in the Storm & God Will Show Up for You

It’s been a rough week.

My dog died…

Bijou was a beloved part of our family. A cute cocker spaniel poodle mix. She was such a good dog! I always said she was my child who barked. Unfortunately we discovered recently that the had developed congestive heart failure due to her old age (she was 10 years old). But I want to tell you that God gave Bijou victory even in her condition!

Last week I was leading a 1 day in person seminar for my church. During the event I get a disturbing text from my daughters. Our dog, Bijou had collapsed on the floor and was yelping in pain!

As a mom, it was painful for me to hear my daughters crying on the phone and I was not there to comfort them. Yes, I could have cancelled the seminar & gone home but I didn’t.

I stayed to complete the work God called me to do because the participants needed God to show up for them… just as much as I needed Him to show up for me and my family.

So me and my daughters prayed. I hung up the phone, dried my tears and continued the seminar.

God is STILL a God of Miracles.

At the end of the seminar each of the participants received MAJOR breakthroughs in their lives! People were healed, changed and set free! God showed up for them!

When I got home that night I came home to a miracle. Bijou was completely healed and my children were smiling and laughing as if nothing had happened. God showed up for me too!

God is also a God of Mercy.

He allowed me and my family to spend three more days with my dog and then He took Bijou to be with him forever. (She passed 3 days later.)

God impressed upon me that life is short. Tomorrow’s not promised to us. And so I want to make sure to take this time and acknowledge some really important people in my life:


Thank you. You inspire me to continue to move forward despite the challenges because God has called me to share with you that He is STILL working, moving & fighting on your behalf even when your circumstances say different.

Even though I’ve had a rough week I am here to say God is STILL good! If we lived a trouble free life we wouldn’t have the opportunity to see God move.

God will show up for you, but you gotta know how to stand in faith.

If standing in faith is something you are struggling with, click here to send me a MESSAGE. Tell me what you are struggling with. I would love to share with you some ways you can strengthen your faith so you can stand firm on the Rock of your salvation.

Be Blessed. Be Encouraged.