Sometimes You Gotta Fast to See God Move

It’s important to seek God everyday and not just the days were in trouble. The reason why so many people have problems all the time is that they only seek God when they are in trouble.


We find ourselves seeking God based on a reaction due to problems instead of intentionally seeking Him based on our desire for Him.


In that place of reaction we don’t have reserves to draw from. We haven’t taken the time to build up blessings to fall back on and we don’t have a clear channel of communication to God because the problems are in the way.


Fasting when seeking God is sometimes necessary in order to hear from God or see him move in our lives. 
For example, in Ezra 8:23, the Israelites required protection and needed to know what to do so Ezra proclaimed a fast to show his desperation to God.


Even Jesus mentions fasting in Matthew 17:19-21
When the disciples came to Jesus and asked him why they couldn’t drive out a demon he told them because of their lack of faith and that this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.


By fasting we can focus more of our attention on the Lord.
Here are a few examples of fasting:
  • physically fasting- not eating food, drinking water or omitting specific types of food
  • time fast- dedicating specific amounts of time to God instead of to hobbies, TV programs or other electronic devices
  • emotionally fast- ignoring negative thoughts and only thinking on things that are righteous, pure, lovable, true or praiseworthy (as outlined in Philippians 4:8)
Hearing from God and seeing him move in our lives is vital. We need to do whatever it takes to position ourselves so we can hear his voice clearly.  If you need help in this area take advantage of the free resource I created for you below.
Be Blessed. Be Encouraged.
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