Living the vision God has placed in your heart

Today I had professional photos taken of me and my family for the vision I have for my future NOT my current reality. Don’t get me wrong, currently this year has been great! I hear and see God work in my life regularly, my business is growing, my marriage is great, I’m homeschooling my youngest daughter and touring potential colleges with my oldest.
I’ve done a lot of travel this year for my business but it’s been solo.
I do enjoy traveling solo but next year I want to travel all over the world with my family
 while CONTINUING to run my successful location independent business as a Christian Inspirational Speaker & Coach. 
This is the vision I have for my future and I believe it’s possible because My God says “With Me all things are possible”
I believe God placed this vision in my heart and it’s ok if I don’t have the “how” figured out right now. I can TRUST and take action on what He’s placed in my heart because I believe faith without action is dead and I choose life. 
Maybe your vision isn’t to run off to Hawaii with your family and never look back. Maybe you see yourself opening up a store right in your hometown. Or taking you career to the next level while remaining at the company you work for. Or maybe you envision a future where you have a stronger marriage, or a stronger relationship with your children or your parents.
No matter what your version of living a purposeful life looks like, it all starts with a loving, trusting and obedient relationship with God. That ALWAYS comes first.
I believe you can TRUST God to reveal the vision He has for you. I believe you can choose to take action on that vision. You can TRUST that He will make a way so you can fulfill the vision He has placed in your heart.
I believe God’s people are destroyed by a lack of vision and lack of knowledge. That’s why I’m here. I help my sisters in Christ clear away the clutter that blocks them from living their God-given purpose.
If you need help finding your spiritual vision or maybe you need help trusting or you simply need to gain the practical knowledge of how to take action on that vision I’d love to support you.
To go deeper and really start to build your firm foundation of trusting and obeying God I encourage yo to join me in my 5-Day Prayer Challenge. Click Here to Sign up.
Be Blessed, Be Encouraged