Living Big

Living Big

Everyone has their own interpretation. Some think living big means living with a lot of money. Or maybe, living life to the extreme and taking great risks. To the mom it may mean getting her 3 year old potty trained. To the high level executive it may mean closing the multimillion dollar deal. One is not smaller than the other. Each are BIG to those individuals.

What does Living Big personally mean to you?

Personally, I believe God created Heaven, Earth and all that is in it. I believe He is the ruler of the universe. You can’t get no BIGGER than God. Therefore, in order for me to live big I need to live in God and fortunately I can because I live in Christ. Because of my relationship with Him I have the privilege to live in freedom, peace, security, and purpose. To me, that’s big.

If you want to live big in Christ too, pray with me here.

Live Big

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged

Kim Davis

For The ONE