Honest Reviews

Honest Reviews from women who spoke to Kim

Amazing what a simple conversation can do…

“I reached out to Kim at one of the darkest times in my life.  She offered something called a clarity call, and at the time I needed clarity more than anything.  I was separating: from my husband, considering a move back to my home city, job-seeking, hapless and hopeless.  I scheduled a call with Kim on the 2nd day of my self-imposed sabbatical.  During that time, I poured my heart out (to a complete stranger, mind you) about where I’d been in life.  I was also quite clear with her that I had no idea where I was going.  
In her gentle manner, Kim not only encouraged, but she also challenged my stinking thinking.  During our hour-long call, she called me to the carpet on my limiting beliefs and urged me to become accountable for ME (my needs, my wants, my goals, my accomplishments).  While I’ve been working with a coach for several months now to drill down to these, something about the way we connected–in perfect concert with my life’s circumstances at the time–struck the match of action for me.
In the one month since we’ve met, I have manifested movement in every one of the areas on my customized BABY STEPS action plan.  While all is not RESOLVED in my Baby Steps focus areas, I am clear that ALL IS WELL.  
Kim has been intentional about sending encouraging words and supportive resources along the way.  She is personable, kind and candid.  I appreciate her transparency and loving encouragement as I release disappointment and pain in order to pursue the VERY best version of me in 2017.  Thank you, Kim, for helping me choose abundance.  Thank you for helping me choose me.”                                                                             

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“Hey Kim,
I spoke with you around April of last year about some of my personal struggles that I had dealt with in my life, and how those challenges had blocked me from the destiny that God had for me. I talked to you about my dreams of being a doctor, but was still struggling with confidence in pursuing this goal. I would like for you to know, that I was accepted to two medical schools in the Caribbean, and I will be starting medical school soon! 
Talking to you, made me realize my potential. It also helped me see God’s power and his ability to move mountains in my life. Thanks so much for the encouragement!”     

Kim has helped with exact questions that got to the root of the issue, when I sought God and honestly asked Him about what I was struggling with along with her format it was like a light piercing through the veil of darkness. If someone is considering working with Kim, they will not be disappointed; they have to want to be helped first off, but with willingness, God and the questions Kim poses are God breathed. If they allow God to go into those areas and heal them they will be set free.
– Hanna

“Kim, is an amazing inspiration to me.  At a time when I needed massive change and support, Kim provided the support and encouragement for me to make my MASSIVE LEAP. Thank you Kim for seeing the power in me. XOXO ”