Have you found yourself yet?

Hide& Seek

The principles of  hide and seek are simple:

Count to ten, ready or not here I come!

How many years have you been looking for yourself?   1,2,3..10?


Are you ready to be found? 

Maybe you’re comfortable blaming everyone else for where you are, or are not in your life. Maybe you’re not ready to be held accountable or take responsibility for your part in the situation. Maybe you’re not ready to let go of the situation. Maybe you’d rather stay lost and play the victim- self-pity is a hell of a drug. It used to be my drug of choice for a time and it was hard to let go of. (Withdrawals are no joke.)

Ready or not!

Wanna really know who you are? Are you ready to be found?

  • Exercise getting clear on what’s important to you and why
    • Take a moment to find the perimeters of your heart. Do this honestly and don’t try to think of what the world values. What do YOU value?
  • Find out the truth about yourself. What  does the Bible say about you?
    • What are some qualities you have that keep showing up in you? Find out what the True Word (God) says about them.
  • Allow yourself the freedom and room to grow
    • You ARE “you”, but you are growing and changing daily. Don’t put yourself in a box and analyze yourself. Go live, learn and observe. Live your life and learn from your experiences. Are you growing into the person you want to become? If not, this is no time to judge and condemn yourself. It’s time for change.

Change can be scary but you don’t have to do it alone.  Join me in my upcoming 5 Day Prayer Challenge 

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged

Kim Davis

For the ONE