God Will Bring You Through the Fire







Why am I showing you a picture of my un-pedicured feet and hot coals that average about 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit?

Because I walked on those hot coals with my bare feet and this is a picture of my feet afterward. They are still intact. They were not injured. And although that moment changed me on the inside, my feet still looked the same on the outside.

Just before Thanksgiving (2016), I went to Tony Robbins’ conference in San Jose, CA. If you’re familiar with him, you’ve probably heard of his famous fire walk. It’s meant to teach you how to overcome your fears by challenging you to do the impossible.

If you have been following me for a while, you already know I’ve walked, run and crawled through my fair share of fires. Right here on this blog I have told you about how I struggled with getting to know God, dealt with extreme self-hate as I tried to lose weight, how my marriage nearly ended in divorce and how I battled alcoholism all to become the woman of God you see today.
I’ve already been open about all of that. So, you and I both know that I have been doing the impossible for years!

You would think taking that next step and walking on the coals would be a no-brainer. But even before landing in California I had already decided that I wasn’t gonna do it!

Then when the time came to start the fire walk all my negative reasons were still fresh in my mind:
– I have nothing to prove to anyone.
– I didn’t pay good money to walk on hot coals!
– My feet are too sensitive.

Every reason I could come up with for why I didn’t need to or want to do this popped up in my head before they were interrupted by the thought that eventually won out. I was reminded about my commitment to live my life to the fullest. I wanted to get the most out of this experience. I wanted to live my life with no regrets.

All of that was important but what pushed me over the edge, up out of my seat and over those hot coals was you. You. My readers. My tribe. My clients who I walk side-by-side with to help you accomplish what seemed impossible for you. 

You motivated me.

I thought about inspiring you to overcome your fears and let you know not only in word but in action. If I can walk through fire and come out on the other side in one piece, then you can too.

As God has pulled me through each “fire” in my life, He left me with the lessons that I share with you to help you through the fires in your life.
This experience was not about pride for me. It was about love. It was my way of letting you know not only in words but in action that I’m willing to stand by your side and walk through the fire with you.

I did it! I walked over those coals.

It was extremely hot and uncomfortable but I did it and survived. I made it out in one piece and you can too!

Maybe walking over hot coals is not something you want to overcome. Maybe it’s in another area of your life where you need to overcome fear. Career change, what others think of you, fear of failure, etc.

No matter what your “fire” may be, the lesson is the same: You can go through the fire and you won’t be destroyed. It’s extremely uncomfortable but you can do it and if you need someone to walk with you, I’m here extending my hand in support, encouragement and accountability to help you overcome your fear and walk in your God given purpose.  If you are READY to walk so you can get to the other side of your “fire” Click Here to Send Me A Message and I will reply with any recommendations or resources to support you.

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged
Kim Davis
For The One