God is Calling, Will You Answer?

Me & my hubby have been busy. He’s active duty military & I’m pursuing my God given calling full time. Between his career, my calling & the kids, we see each other in passing each week…I miss my hubby.
There is only one thing I have asked for this month…him. Just him, nothing more, nothing less. No cards, no money, no shopping, just spending quality time with him.
So on Mother’s Day, a day where I’m supposed to be catered to, where is he?
Playing golf…
I was upset!
However, before I sent a salty text message or prepared to give him the silent treatment I took my complaint to God.
(Spoken in my whiny baby voice) “God it’s Mother’s Day & all I asked, all I wanted was to just spend time with my hubby, nothing more, nothing less & instead he is playing golf!”
As I expressed my feelings He replied “Oh Kim! I’m so glad you noticed! Because ever since you were created there is one thing I’ve been wanting…you. Just you, nothing more, nothing less….”
Suddenly my anger was gone as I felt the overwhelming love of my Creator for me. In that instant nothing else mattered anymore.
See, sometimes God allows things to happen in our lives to get our attention. The frustrations and disappointments are opportunities we can use to come closer to Him. He calls us to come to Him:
“Come to me, all of you who are struggling and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matt 11:28)
He’s calling you to come. He’s only been asking for one thing…you.
Just you, nothing more, nothing less.
Maybe it’s time for you to spend some quality time with God today.
If you are like me & would like to invite God to come & spend some quality time with you today pray with me:
God I come to you in Jesus name, thanking you for your love for me. I choose to receive it.
I come to spend time with you and I invite you to come and spend some quality time with me today, in Jesus name amen.

How Do You Answer the Call of Spending Time with God?

Ok, great I said the prayer now what? Well here are 4 tips to help get you started on spending quality time with the Lord.
Tip#1- Make time
Notice I said Quality NOT quantity. You don’t need to set aside 4 hours to spend with God. The key to spending quality time with God is to be fully present. It’s time spent with God with no interruptions or distractions.
Tip #2- Worship
Take a moment to recount to God of all the things He has done for you. God is worthy of all honor, glory and praise. When you worship it helps to remind you of how He’s been faithful to you in the past & will continue to be faithful to you in the future. It reminds you of how He is bigger than your problems and how much He loves you.
Tip#3- Reading
Reading the Bible. I know it sounds boring but bear with me. Things have changed. You don’t have to read the Bible now you can listen to it via audio books or podcasts. You can look at it via YouTube videos or TV programs. You can interact with it through joining a Bible Study group. Learning & connecting with God’s word brings strength, peace and security.
Tip#4- Pray
I believe prayer is powerful and it opens up the door for God to work in your life (as I demonstrated earlier in this blog post). Committing to a daily practice of prayer is essential if you want God to radically move in your life and to walk powerfully in your purpose. I’d love to share with you strategies to help you jump start your prayer life. 
Be Blessed, Be Encouraged
Kim Davis
For The One