Faith Walk

Faith Walk






John 4:46-54

The mans child was dying! He begged Jesus TO COME and heal his child. However Jesus did not come. Even though the man begged. Jesus said you won’t believe me unless you see miracles. So Jesus didn’t show him a miracle at that time. He wanted him to walk in faith. He wanted him to walk, trusting His word. Jesus said go home your child is well.

Can you stop begging and go home?

How hard was it for the man to stop begging and turn to go home? Do you think his feelings had caught up to his decision to trust Jesus’ word? He had envisioned in his mind that Jesus would come home with him to heal his son. Not him walking back home empty handed! However, little did he know his hands were not empty, they held the promise of God.

I think, it was a good thing the man’s servants met him on the road with the good news that his child was well because I don’t think he would have made it all the way home before doubt overcame him. The man had taken a faith walk trusting in God’s word even when it wasn’t what he’d expected. Jesus didn’t come with him. He had to walk part of the way before Jesus took him all the way… Showing a miracle not only to him but to him and his entire household. And they all came to believe in Jesus.

Do you think YOUR hands are empty? Or could they be full of God’s promise and you don’t know it?

It maybe time for you to take your faith walk.

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Be Encouraged, Be Blessed

Kim Davis 

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