Escaping your Wilderness: How to live with God in abundance

I recently read about the Israelites who were about to take the Promised Land but they disobeyed God and didn’t believe Him when he told them the land was for them. Because they wouldn’t just trust God and take what was meant for them, God sent them wandering through the wilderness until all of those who had disobeyed him died.


The most important lesson I take away from that passage is this: God is a God of second chances but there are such things as once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.


Israel had the opportunity to go to the promised land but they missed out on the opportunity when they disobeyed God and those who disobeyed him were not allowed to enter it. But just because they missed one opportunity, that didn’t mean God had given up on themGod still had a plan for their lives.


That’s something I know not only from the bible but also from living my own life. Years ago, when I was in my “wilderness,” I realized that I was a Christian with no real fruit or victory in my life. I was the definition of a “mad black woman.” I felt used, insecure and depressed. My past experiences had broken me and I was going through life with the wrong mindset that had me second guessing every good thing that came my way. 


I had a good heart with the best intentions for my relationship with God. On the outside, people thought my life looked perfect but inside, I was pitiful. I wasn’t living my best life.


One day, I just got sick of pretending. I finally woke up and made the commitment that I was determined to have EVERYTHING God said I could have. 


I was finished with missing out on opportunities to better my life. I prepared the way for the Lord to come in my life and radically change it for the better. I am now a Happy Black Woman. (So much so that I was actually an Ambassador of the brand,!) 


I allowed God to heal my broken heart and change my wrong mindsets. I am confident in the decisions I make now and am not afraid to move forward in my life because I know He is with me. 


But I had to learn that, just like the Israelites had to learn it in the bible. ( I will share all those valuable lessons with you in my 5-Day Prayer Challenge.)


God is a merciful God. God is a good God who is willing to take care of his people even as we are still learning to trust him.


Although the Israelites disobeyed him and they were not able to go into the Promised Land, God did not abandon them. They lived good long lives. Israel did not war again until the last of that particular generation had died. That took 30 more years!


They lived good lives but, because they never got to the Promised Land, we know it wasn’t the amazing lives that they could have lived had they been obedient to God. I’m grateful that I learned how to be obedient and got the chance to start living in God’s best.


So if the question you have today is: How do you enter your promise land? The answer is simple: Listen to God, trust Him and step out on faith so you can take what is meant for you!


Are you ready to get out of your wilderness?  Do you want to enter your Promised Land? Now is the time to recommit to living the life God has called you to. This Monday I will be offering my 5-Day Prayer Challenge so you can begin to tune into God start living your best life.

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Be Blessed, Be Encouraged