Escaping the Herd: Are You Serving God All Wrong?


Have you ever seen those old Kung Fu movies where the martial arts masters would break boards using just their bare hands? Deep breath. Centered focus. Then they would yell as they punched their way through thick pieces of plywood. To be able to break it was a sign of mastery.

Well, I’m not a martial arts professional but that’s how I brought in the new year — breaking a board with my bare hands. It was an exercise during an entrepreneurial retreat that took me out of the Virginia snow and down to sunny Florida in the middle of January.
When I went into it, I thought breaking that board would be impossible. But once it was done, I looked at those two pieces of plywood as a metaphor for life and all the things that I once thought were impossible that I managed to break through in these past few years.
When it came to breaking that board, it actually hurt more to try to punch through it on my first two attempts than it did to actually break it on my third try. I was holding on to so many beliefs and emotions about what I could and could not do when I first approached the task. But I had to change my approach and let go. Let go of my doubt, my anger and even my desire for how bad I wanted to successfully break the board. I had to let it go and just do my part and let God do the rest. And then the break through came — both in the literal sense as I broke the board and in the figurative sense when I thought about how I looked at achieving the goals that God wanted for me in my professional and personal life.
When I was going for my breakthrough and God was preparing to move me from employee to entrepreneur, so many people criticized me and thought I was wrong because I was no longer doing things the way it was “supposed to” be done. Everyone else was not experiencing my breakthrough. I like to refer to those people as “the herd.” They all think the same way and think there is only one way to do everything— One way to live. One way to act. And most importantly, one way to serve God.
The herd endorses “religion” but not relationship. They talk about wanting breakthrough all the time but they are not willing to step out on faith and trust God to experience it. They are OK with mediocrity and the comfort of doing the same thing over and over. However, because I was doing something new, because I was no longer doing what they thought was right, I was automatically wrong.
“When you agree with God, you will disagree with the World.”- Kim Davis
This reminds me of Christian Rap music. When I would listen to it in public, I still remember hearing the criticisms: “Those rappers were not saved. This music was not anointed. This is of the devil.” All that because it sounded a bit different from what was in the hymnals tucked into the back of the church pews.
One of my favorite artists is Lecrae. If he would have listened to the herd and stopped walking in his God-given purpose as a Christian rapper so many people that he helped bring to God may have given up on their journeys or worse, they would have never come to God in the first place. Just because the herd didn’t like the look or sound of his path, that didn’t make him wrong. God has blessed his life and his work brings blessing to many other people.
That same lesson applies to me and you.
When God called me to quit my good job to come work for Him full time so many people laughed at me, questioned me and doubted me. They just could not believe that God would call me to do such a thing. They just could not believe that God would tell me to let go of a “good job” and instead help others walk in their God given purpose for a living.
Just like when I broke that board last month, I didn’t receive my breakthrough in my life until I let go. I let go of everything that was hindering me from Him — My job, outside opinions and my own pride. I had to let go and just do what I knew He told me to do. I had to get focused then maintain that focus on a daily basis or I would have been distracted by all the negativity around me regarding my choices to follow God and not follow the herd.
Because I did that, my breakthrough came with an abundance of blessings in my business and in my life. I am able to work from anywhere in the world (but I’m usually at home). I get to homeschool my daughter, pay my bills, and support my students and clients as they receive their own breakthroughs and blessings.
Following God is what makes emails (like the ones below) show up in my inbox to remind me that I’m doing this thing the right way.

I spoke with you around April of last year about some of my personal struggles that I had dealt with in my life, and how those challenges had blocked me from the destiny that God had for me. I talked to you about my dreams of being a doctor, but was still struggling with confidence in pursuing this goal. I would like for you to know, that I was accepted to two medical schools in the Caribbean, and I will be starting medical school soon!

Talking to you, made me realize my potential. It also helped me see God’s power and his ability to move mountains in my life. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

-Many blessings, Tenisha

Follow God and He will lead you to your promised land too.
Be Blessed, Be Encouraged