Don’t support Terrorism

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The Lord revealed to me fear equals terror and I play with it far too often. Being friendly with fear instead of treating it as my enemy.

For example: my fear of heights.

I was walking on top of a mountain in Israel. It had guardrails so I wasn’t afraid. I would stand near the guardrails taking in the breathtaking views. However another woman in the tour group was still very scared. She also had a fear of heights but she stood faraway from the guardrails and joked and laugh about her fear. She was not willing to come closer to the edge to take in the spectacular view. I shared with her that I also had a fear of heights and began joking along with her. I noticed when I began to joke the fear slightly increased. I stopped standing near the guardrails. The fear began to gain territory in my life.

Long story short, don’t play with fear. Meet it with your war face. Meet it with the power and authority given to you by Jesus. No smile, no playing around, make it flee from you. Stand your ground and say,

“I don’t support terror I support the kingdom of God!”

I support truth, righteousness, love and peace.  Fear has no place here. This place (my life) was purchased by the blood of Jesus. It is a sacred and safe place full of grace, truth, power and love. Fear has no place here. I don’t support terrorism.

I encourage you to receive the love of God. His love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18). Take a moment to remember God loves you more than you can ever love Him. God will not love you anymore or any less than He does right now. You are loved.

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Be Blessed, Be Encouraged

Kim Davis

For The One