Decisions, Decisions







While I was in Israel I visited the pools of Bethesda (as told in John 5: 5-8). This was the place Jesus healed the man by the pools. Jesus asked the man if he wanted, not only to be healed but to be made whole.

This man was in his comfort zone, he was “used” to being disabled. This man’s comfort zone is probably why he chose to lay there for so long. In order to receive his healing to be made whole he had to take action. He had to get up and walk.

How can I say he was comfortable being disabled? No one is comfortable being disabled. You will be surprised at just how comfortable we can make ourselves even in the midst of pain. Yes, even in pain we can be comfortable. Let me share some examples: 

A woman with a gluten allergy eating food with gluten in it. She doesn’t want to take the time to read the ingredients listing on foods. She is “used” to the stomach cramps that come with eating the glutenous food and wants to continue to eat it.


A woman who should create a budget so she can afford the house she’s always wanted. However she doesn’t because it’s too hard or she will do it later. However, later never comes. Instead she buys things that put her further into debt because she is more comfortable with it.


The cancer patient who continues to smoke. The patient wants to be healed but is not willing to give up the cigarettes to be made whole.

Some people just want a healing. They are not willing to totally leave their comfort zones and give up sin or old habits to be made whole.

Decisions, Decisions

The difference between laying on the mat or walking, what could that look like in our lives?

One way to look at it: God may ask you to do something you’ve never done before or something uncomfortable. However, your choice in that moment may determine whether you lay down on your mat and remain in your comfort zone or get up and walk.

If you choose to follow God you can receive your healing and start walking towards becoming whole. I encourage you: don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. Receive your healing and get up and walk towards your God given purpose.


Lord, help me to receive my healing. Help me to follow You and take the action necessary to be made whole. In Jesus name, Amen.

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged

Kim Davis

For The One