Confessions of an Imperfect Christian

Confessions imperfect Christian

When you’ve made a mistake, what do you do?

Ask for forgiveness and move forward with courage, be paralyzed by fear or run away? 

As an imperfect Christian I’ve done all three.  I can say that making mistakes is the one thing I dislike most. It makes me feel inadequate and embarrassed. When I first committed to living a life like Christ I was a recovering perfectionist. I thought that once I became a Christian I would STOP making mistakes!

I can’t be a Christian AND make mistakes! Right?

Well I was very wrong, I still make mistakes. Even recently, as I’m navigating new territories in my health, relationships and leadership training I’ve made some mistakes and I’ve tried to fix them myself. However, the the Lord’s been dealing with me. He’s assured me that when I mess up He will be there to help make it right…but I have to come to Him first.

One of my most recent mistakes is not following through on something I said I was going to do. In that instance I did not walk in integrity and that is a BIG deal to me. It’s taken a lot of work for me to develop in integrity and to see me not follow through is disheartening. I feel embarrassed and I just want to pull the covers over my head and hide, eat one more pint of ice cream or play 10 more rounds of Candy Crush. I just want to forget about it but that never helps the situation.

Over the years I’ve learned some techniques that help me get out of procrastination and back into integrity. I share a few of them below:

Go to God immediately and ask for forgiveness. The faster you do it the less fear or guilt you will feel. The longer you wait the harder it will be to fight those feelings.

Receive your forgiveness. Many times I would ask for forgiveness but still feel guilty. Over the years the Lord revealed forgiveness is a process but it only starts when I RECEIVE the forgiveness given to me. (Example: “Lord I am sorry, please forgive me of ___. I choose to receive the forgiveness, love, grace and mercy you freely give me through your Son Jesus Christ”)

When guilt tries to creep in remember God loves you, He doesn’t judge you. Create a powerful statement of His love and forgiveness for you and how you choose not to make the same mistake but to choose a more positive alternative.

Ask God to show you the lesson He wants you to learn from this. Sometimes making a mistake is the only way we can learn a lesson that can get us out of the wilderness and into our promised land.

We’re going to make mistakes because we are not perfect. We are human.

Mistakes don’t always feel good but they are learning opportunities. They help us grow, they remind us that we are not perfect and we were never called to be perfect.

Keep in mind that if we are truly walking in our God given purpose our mistakes are never our fault. We were just doing what God called us to do and God takes full responsibility for your actions.

How do you bounce back after making mistakes? Leave me a comment below, I read each one.

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged

Kim Davis