My Christian Inspired Workout Playlist

Christian Inspired Workout Playlist

In my journey to live an authentic Christian life and lose weight I needed work out music. Usher and Beyonce (although I like them) they weren’t helping me build my relationship with God.

It was hard for me to find high tempo Christian music that I could work out to. In my search for Christian playlists most of what I found was music that was too slow. It inspired me to worship God but it did not inspire me to get up and go run or lift weights.

So I created my own playlist. (Playlist posted below)

I usually kick off my morning with my workout Playlist (entitled Morning Kix).  I usually listen to it every morning or throughout the day if I need that extra push.

I personally like doing one thing with multiple benefits, it brings me joy. It’s my way of being efficient and effective in my choices.

While listening to my Morning Kix I:

  • Worship God (Luke 4:8). I would praise Him under my breath, in my head & in my heart as I worked out & sang along to the music.
  • Would affirm through my actions that I was taking care of God’s temple by exercising (I Corinthians 6:19-20
  • Would manage my time. I intentionally chose songs to fit my time limit. When the music stops, I stopped no matter where I was in my workout because I had made a commitment to a particular time period and I had to move on with my day. So it motivated me to finish my workout before the songs ended.
  • Maintained my momentum throughout my workout. I intentionally arranged songs to fit my workout routine. This helped me focus and push through some of my more challenging exercises.
  • Would get happy! These songs became some of my favorites & listening to them made me happy.  The joy of the Lord is my strength (Nehemiah 8:10)

Below I share with you what has worked for me and has helped me make consistent progress in losing weight and cultivating a more personal relationship with God.

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My Exercise Routine:

Warm up>>Lecrae- All I Need is You 

Jog>>Beckah Shae- Supernova 

Workout begins>>

Toby Mac- Feel It 

Six13- Watch Me

Beckah Shae- Champion  

Tripp Lee- No Worries

Tripp Lee- Twisted 

Trip Lee- I’m Good 

Paul Wilbur- Clap Your Hands  

Canton Jones- Holy  

Cool Down>>Lecrae- All I Need is You  

The entire playlist is about 40 minutes long. Feel free to try it on your next workout.

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged