Can Homosexuals Go to Heaven?

Homosexual gay heaven ?
Yes? No? Maybe?

Everyone calls them homosexuals. They are calling them the sin they commit and in our American culture it is politically correct to do so. However, is it politically correct to call politicians and lawyers liars?

I say no, each individual has a name and the sin they commit does not equate to their name.

I think the devil has labeled people with negative connotations. So much so, that they identify themselves with these labels, as though they are one in the same. I believe God is calling people out, in order for Him to rip off the label that is shaming them and to tell them they have a new name, a name that He has given them.

I’d like to call them the creative collective because they are some of the most creative & gifted in fashion, design, food, etc. Their sexuality has nothing to do with their gifts. For example, a great interior designer is a great interior designer regardless of his or her sexuality.

God told me.

Homosexuals can go to heaven. Homosexuality is a sin but so is gossiping. One sin is not greater than another; its all sin to Me. Everyone has backslidden. In the last days My Spirit will be poured out on all people.

He then impressed upon my heart that He hates sin but He LOVES His people.

I was taken completely by surprise because I had NEVER heard that before. I knew it was God because I wouldn’t have the audacity to form the thought; homosexuals can go to heaven. Up until now I’d only heard the exact opposite preached from pulpits.

After an interesting turn of events He revealed to me:

Can the sin go to heaven? No, sin cannot go to heaven. Homosexuality is a sin and sin cannot be in His presence.

Can the sinner go to heaven? Yes, the sinner who turns back to God can go to heaven. Sin is never justified however; the sinner who repents, accepts and trusts in the salvation offered by Jesus Christ is always justified. (Romans 10:10Romans 3:23-26 & 1 John 2:1-2)

Ok, so what next. Am I telling you to stop being a homosexual, stop hanging out with your homosexual friends, stop watching homosexuals on prime time TV?


You can choose to live whatever lifestyle you please. I’m just here to relay the message, but if you’re seeking lasting positive change in your life click here to pray with me and for added insight please see the list of resources below or sign up for the Baby Steps Workbook for more resources emailed directly to you. >>>Click Here To Sign Up<<<<

All are welcome but few remain because my message is not for everyone, it is for the one. If you are the one I am not against you, I am for you.

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged

Kim Davis

For the One




The sin of Sodom & Gommorah was NOT just homosexuality (Ezekiel 16:49-50)