Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Have you found yourself in situations or challenges you feel you do not deserve?

Do you constantly ask yourself WHY?

Why did they do that?

Why is this happening to me?

Why is God not doing anything about this?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Honestly there is a plethora of reasons why bad things happen to good people.

As I took time to inquire of the Lord, He brought to my attention these reasons:

First- It may have NOTHING to do with you.

You maybe going through these difficulties in order to gain understanding and compassion so you can help others later who will be going through the same difficulties. You can’t understand someone else’s struggle if you have not gone through it yourself. God loves you as well as ALL His other people. We are meant to share the love and compassion He so freely gives us with others who need it. But sometimes we can’t develop compassion unless we experience it first hand.

Second- You must be placed in the situation so God can show Himself strong.

[Exodus 14:4-25] The Israelites were first placed between the Egyptian Army and the Sea before God could show Himself strong. You being in the situation gives God the opportunity to show Himself strong in your life. But He can’t show Himself strong if you give up.

Third- Breakdowns happen before breakthroughs come.

This breakdown is asking you ‘how bad do you want your breakthrough?’ Are you willing to stand in faith and put forth the extra effort to overcome this in order to get your breakthrough?

Bottom line it is NOT your responsibility to answer the ‘why’ question.

I often say: stop asking questions because usually the answers make no sense anyway. So your basically wasting your time staying stuck in defeat by trying to answer ‘why’ instead of trying to move towards your victory.

Ultimately answering the ‘why’ question is God’s job. He knows why. It’s our responsibility to draw on the strength of the Lord and continue to stand in faith and allow Him to show up for you.


I have found strength through daily prayer prayer. If you need support in this area click the picture below to get your 4 Simple Steps to Jump Start Your Daily Prayer Life. 

Be Blessed.

Be Encouraged.

Kim Davis

For The One