5 Day Prayer Challenge Begins in 3 days!

October has been an incredibly busy month for me! But thank goodness for it. I just got back from spending nearly a week in Washington, DC with my business mentor & client: The founder of Happy Black Woman- Rosetta Thurman.  (Side note: Many of you know me as a Christian Inspirational Speaker & Coach but few know I am also the Program Manager for Happy Black Woman. More on that story later…)

This weekend, I was surrounded by dozens of women from all over the world who are truly working to change the world in their authentic way. I’m still buzzing with energy from the trip. During the event, I got a cool opportunity to get on stage and talk about my business before introducing Rosetta, the happiest black woman I know! 

At the end of my speech, just before I introduce Rosetta, I mention something really important – a 5-day prayer challenge which kicks off on Monday.
I designed this free challenge to do two things: Either give people who don’t have a relationship with God a place to start or help those already walking in faith grow. I would so love it if you joined me for what is sure to be a powerful week of personal growth in God.
I hope to see you there so we can connect and grow in God together.
Be Blessed. Be Encouraged.
Kim Davis
For The One