4 Simple Ways you Can Spend your Time Growing Closer to God

During those early days when I decided to whip my spiritual life into shape it was tough to figure out how to do it. If you’re anything like I was a few years ago, you wanted to spend more time growing closer to God so you can start walking in God’s abundance and stop sinking in lack.

But where do you start?

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Again, if you’re anything like I was, your first instinct is probably to try to throw yourself into your new life with both feet and start dedicating time to prayer and reading the Bible.


You’re on the right track with that but the problem so many of us run into is that we try praying or reading the Bible for long periods of time. It’s like we’re running a marathon and if we’re not reading God’s word for six hours a day, somehow we convince ourselves that we have failed! 


But that’s crazy. When we do it that way, it’s only a matter of time before it either gets boring, confusing or we realize it is not effective. That’s probably why you have started and stopped short on your commitment to God over and over in the past.


There is a better way. While some people think sitting down to read your bible is the only way to grow closer to God, I disagree. Yes, reading the bible is important but it is NOT the ONLY thing you can do to grow closer to God. There are many ways you can do this.


So, now that you have dedicated time to God, what do you do?  Here are four simple things you can try during the time you set aside for God. I encourage you to pick and choose the ones you like. After all, you’re growing a relationship with God and no relationship will last if you can’t be true to yourself!


Listen to Christian Podcasts 

There are so many Christian leaders who have podcasts! Take the time to listen to a few of them to find the one whose style fits you. Use your listening time to get inspired and learn biblical principles or concepts. This is a great start to building your spiritual practice when you have not quite gotten to the place where you can sit with your bible on your own – or if you are just a fan of podcasting.


Create a spiritual vision board

Creating a vision board is not just something you do on a girl’s night to map out dream travel destinations! Try and make one that specifically represents the goals or lifestyle you want to accomplish with God, confirm it with His word (verses from the Bible) then post it where you can look at it often. Here is a simple example of a vision board.



You can create your spiritual vision board digitally or physically. To make a digital board, try using websites like PicMonkey or Pinterest. If you would prefer a physical board, create it arts and crafts style. Grab a few old magazines and cut out pictures or print them out on your computer. Feel free to make your board beautiful using scrapbooking materials!


Read the Bible

While you don’t necessarily have to start out reading for hours and hours every day, setting aside time to read the Bible is still something you should practice. Exposing yourself to God’s word is EXTREMELY important when you want to start walking in God’s blessings and stop walking in the world’s poverty. Just try to make it a bit easier on yourself.


First- Make sure you have a version of the Bible you can understand. If you are completely confused with the thee’s and thou’s in the King James Version of the bible, that is not the one for you. Personally, I prefer the Amplified Version. When it comes to deciding which version to choose, try not to get too hung up in this area because God’s word works no matter which version you chose. His Word works!


Second, you don’t have to read the Bible starting from beginning to end in that order. You also don’t want to read it haphazardly. There are many Bible study guides and devotionals you can follow to help you gain depth and understanding to what you are reading. Try picking one that resonates with you. 



I believe prayer is powerful and it opens the door for God to work in your life. We pray so that God can develop things in us that lead to prosperity. We pray so God can deposit seeds of growth, change, success in our lives. And we pray to maintain our spiritual focus so we can win against the lies of our enemies. We pray to focus on truth — The truth of God’s word, the truths He has spoken to our hearts and the truth of what He has done in our lives.


If you’re just starting out, don’t make prayer complicated. Come to God as you are, honestly. It’s just a conversation. As you develop in this area and your life changes so will your prayers. 

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Be Blessed, Be Encouraged